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Welcome to visit our factory !
There are 5 deparments in our factory ,which are Purchasing Department ,Warehouse Department,QC Department,Production Department , and Printing Deparment.
Do you want to see how the manufacturing concerns in good standing actually look like in Mainland China?
Do you want to know how Shenzhen Vision Electronics CO,LTD fulfilling your order with super quality in relatively short duration?
Interesting!!!  Well, Let me show you around ! Follow me.....Please!

Our manufacturing facilities are all located at the second border of Shenzhen, well managed with SMT and auto-monitoring production line under " 5S Management " concept--that is 5 set of rules applying to our operations in regard of Structurising, Systematizing, Sanitizing, Standardizing and Self-Disciplinary to uplift our working environment and upgrading our quality and efficiency.
We are so proud of show our visitors at any time, clean and near working surroundings with protective measures and proto-types, detail work-plan with disciplines, strict rules for audits and in-line inspections for quality assurance ...Again, we have weekly review on our overall performance for appraisal that linked up to our incentive scheme for what we achieved within the designated period.
In strict understanding, we had treated all orders are at equal status, big and small, and we will have full inspection before displacements, anything for rejects will be destroyed together with the logo or prints on it and nothing will be kept in line or saved for re-use , or scraps for disposal. Savings in energy, and materials reaching the normal standards will be awarded according to original objectives and tasks for accomplishment.
To boost up our working spirits, and acquiring updated knowledge for betterment, Shenzhen Vision Electronics CO,LTD have set up a special library for further studies in operational management, production controls, and self improvements to lead us to higher standing in all aspects.
It is very grateful for any comments and directions on guidance from your side.
Welcome, and see you again soon!

Thank you! 
Shenzhen Vision  Electronics CO,LTD 


77 production line 88 Chips Programming
99 Automatic Printing Machine-2 110 silk-screen printing
111 Laser engraving 112 Full Printing Machines
113 Warehouse 





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