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Flip Card USB Flash Drive

The Flip Card is our most commonly requested credit card shaped USB flash drive. Similar in appearance to the Metal Card and is a mere 3mm thick. The advantage with the Flip Card is the fact that it can be printed with a full colour/digital process. This allows for great quality print, making it the ideal choice for photographs or complex artwork. The Flip Card USB is the same area as a standard business / credit card so they are easily stored in a wallet or purse. They are also a popular choice for direct mail campaigns as their slim design makes them relatively cheap to post.

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Memory Capacity

We offer different memory sizes for this product:




Material Dimensions Imprint Area Imprint Size Pantone® Matched Matte Rubber Coating Special Options
Plastic 85mm x 54mm x 3mm Front/Back 85mm x 54mm Available Available Available Picture Print Available



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