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Reckie USB Flash Drive

The Woodland USB flash drive is manufactured from sustainable bamboo so if you're looking for a USB flash drive with environmentally friendly credentials then this is an excellent choice. The Woodland flash drive can either be printed or engraved with engraving being the more popular option.

Because its made from a natural resource there will be variations in the finish of the USB Drive but we try and keep a uniform colour across any one order. The drive can be supplied with or without an integral metal lanyard or keyring loop. There are also two sets of small magnets inserted in the cap and body of the flash drive to secure the cap in place.

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Memory Capacity

We offer different memory sizes for this product:




Material Dimensions Imprint Area Imprint Size Pantone® Matched Matte Rubber Coating Special Options
Bamboo/Wood 61mm x 28mm x 10mm Front/Back 35mm x 20mm Available Not Available Available Not Available Available Lace Lanyard Available



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