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Here comes 10 new Iotech models, after 3 month market testing, they all gain postive feedback from customers worldwide, we welcome your inquiries to come!
Glide USB Flash Drive
Shadow USB Flash Drive
Color Slider USB Flash
Calider USB flash Drive
Wooden Twister USB Flash Drive
Sleek USB Pen Flash Drive
The USB Bottle Opener
Carab USB Flash Drive
USB Metal Clip
USB Snapband
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Our Classic Range is a collection the most popular branded memory sticks we offer. They all carry print and logo's incredibly well and are available in a wide range of colours. Some of the branded memory sticks (e.g. the Twister) in the classic range can have the body shell pantone matched to any primary colour from your logo. Many are availabe from stock for immediate despatch, Pricing across the majority of the Classic Range of USB memory sticks is the same irrespective of which model you choose
Twister USB Flash Drive
Twister Mono
Engraved Twister
Chic USB Flash Drive
Trident USB Flash Drive
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Probe USB Flash Drive
Slider USB Flash Drive
Carbon USB Flash Drive
Express USB Flash Drive
Piston USB Flash Drive
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CC USB Flash Drive
Glass USB Flash Drive
Trix USB Flash Drive
Ordi Twister USB Flash Drive
Curve USB Flash Drive
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If you're looking for something a little tougher and more durable then you can't go wrong with any of the branded USB flash drives from our metal range. They all ooze sophistication and style, they're suitable for printing or lazer engraving and are incredibly tactile. Looking to make an impact? Don't forget to take a look at our range of USB packaging solutions to really set your drives off.
Celebrity USB Flash Drive
Radial Metal USB Flash Drive
Capsule USB Flash Drive
Decapper USB Flash Drive
Kart USB Flash Drive
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Leather flash drives combine style and sophistication with a rugged finish that will last pretty much a lifetime. All of our leather flash drives can be embossed or printed. Embossing tends to be more popular as its particularly resistant to the knocks of everyday life. Call us or fill out the on-line enquiry form and we'll get back to you in a flash with prices and product visuals featuring your logo.
Boss Leather USB Flash Drive
Executive USB Flash Drive
Cowboy USB Flash Drive
Rodeo USB Flash Drive
Glove USB Flash Drive
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Our ranges of wafer thin USB credit cards offer a large imprint area and support full colour, photo-quality printing making them the best choice for detailed and complex artwork. Available in memory sizes ranging from 512MB up to 16GB, a USB credit card is capable of storing even the largest of company brochures, presentations, movies etc. whilst still remaining the same size as a traditional business / credit card.
Flip Card USB Flash Drive
Flip Jr. Card USB Flash Drive
Exquisite Card USB Flash Drive
Flip Mini Rectangle USB Flash Drive
Flip Mini Circle USB Flash Drive

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Our Mini range has been one of our most popular. They can be either printed or engraved with your company logo and sit handsomely on any key ring ensuring that your brand receives good exposure. Thin, light and tactile, they also have a great feel of quality about them when held in the hand. Most importantly, mini model save you a lot on shipping cost!
Steel Key USB Flash Drive
Sharp Key USB Flash Drive
Aluminium Key USB Flash Drive
Metal Twister
Silcer Slider USB Flash Drive
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Retractor USB Flash Drive
Charm USB Flash Drive
Nano Slider USB Flash Drive
Clip USB Flash Drive
Engraved Slider USB Flash Drive
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Combo range contain all model which was made from Aluminium and ABS, all this model are our good salers, model can be both printed, or laser engraved, whats more, these models can save you a lot on intermational shipping cost!
Oval USB Flash Drive
Harbour USB Flash Drive
Rotate USB Flash Drive
Recal USB Flash Drive
Pete USB Flash Drive
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If you're looking for something a little different, something that lends itself to an "eco-friendly" angle then our range of wooden promotional usb flash drives might be for you. Available in a range of finishes, these wooden memory sticks are very tactile, they can be printed or etched with your logo and we can also supply them with lanyards, key rings and/or attractive presentation boxes.
Reckie USB Flash Drive
Coppice USB Flash Drive
Sapling USB Flash Drive
Wooden Twister USB Flash Drive
Barrel USB Flash Drive
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Our series of novelty flash drives are designed to capture the imagination and really highlight the essence of your brand. Shown here are some of our standard designs that have then been customised with the client's brand/logo to bring them to life. If you don't see what you're looking for remember than we can produce a flash drive in pretty much any shape and using a wide range of materials.
Wristband USB Flash Drive
Lanyard USB Flash Drive
Sphere USB Flash Drive
Heart USB Flash Drive
Plastic Bottle USB Flash Drive
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Carabiner USB Flash Drive
Metal Bottle USB Flash Drive
Pil USB Flash Drive
Metal Can USB Flash Drive
Syringe USB Flash Drive

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Batter USB Flash Drive
Wristy USB Flash Drive
Shell USB Flash Drive
Aeroplane USB Flash Drive
Truck USB Flash Drive
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Remember Iotech has 3 cards: USB Memory Stick, USB DVR, and Memory Cards! we capable for 10,000pcs per day, and export over 500,000pcs annually, we provide both machine application and wholesale solutions to our clients, contact us for more details!
SD Card
MicroSD Card
ProDuo Cards
XD Cards
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